Valeting Services


An introduction to getting your pride and joy clean

Deposits for any valeting work booked of the value of £150 or more will require a 20% deposit to confirm booking.

Primary Valet

Prices from £POA

  • Pre-wash using PH neutral snow foam
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned
  • Exterior 2 bucket hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner
  • Exterior dried with Klin drying towel
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior Vacuum inc. mats
  • Interior plastics cleaned
  • All glass work cleaned

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for this service

Premium Valet

Prices from £POA

As per Primary Valet…Plus

  • Floor mats deep cleaned
  • Fabric seats cleaned / Leather seats cleaned
  • Exhausts polished
  • Tar Removal
  • Hand Polish
  • IGL Coatings Wax applied to bodywork

Please allow a minimum of 4 hours for this service

Exterior Protection Detail

Prices from £POA

  • Pre-wash using PH neutral snow foam
  • Door, bonnet and boot shuts cleaned
  • Wheel arches deep clean and rinsed
  • Exterior 2 bucket hand wash
  • Bodywork treated for tar removal and iron deposits
  • Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner followed by fallout remover
  • Exterior dried with a drying towel and warm filtered air
  • Alloys dried and sealed with spray sealant
  • Glasswork cleaned, windscreen polished and sealed.
  • Badges & britework polished
  • Exhausts polished
  • Bodywork cleansed with cleaner fluid
  • Sealed with a double layer of wax.

Please allow a minimum of 6 hours for this service

Soft Top Clean & Sealant

Prices from £POA

Over time the protective layer applied at point of manufacture wears off leaving your roof vulnerable to the elements and contamination such as bird droppings and mould. We can clean your roof and restore its protective qualities ensuring your car looks greater for longer*. Sealed with Fabsil fabric protection as a standard for a 1 year protection.

*sometimes a recolour is needed to some roofs if in a bad condition; this will incur an additional charge

Interior Deep Clean

Prices from £POA

Any interior valeting from leather to cloth to alacantara can be deep cleaned.

Specialist equipment, shampoo’s and sealants can help bring your interior back to life as well as protect. Odour treatment including steam treatment is carried out as well.

Headlight Restoration Service

Prices from £POA

Over time plastic headlights will become cloudy, discoloured or lose their clearness due to UV, heat and oxidation damage. Getting your headlights replaced can be extremely expensive and time consuming making our service a smarter, more cost effective option.

Using a wide range of products we can rescue your headlights and we seal them with a dedicated product from IGL Coatings which lasts 12 months.

Stage 1 Engine Bay Detail

Prices from £POA

Electronics are initially covered (where accessible) then using a mix of a citrus based wash solution and an all purpose cleaner, these are applied and agitated. This is then rinsed before applying a wax/degreaser then agitated before a final rinse. The engine bay is then blown dry and the engine run to ensure completely dry. Engine is finally dressed with a water based dressing before being dried for a natural finished look.

Stage 2 Engine Bay Detail

Prices from £POA

Following some of the basics from Stage 1, this is a bespoke detail and varies from vehicle to vehicle. We will remove various parts for accessibility to hard to reach areas. Our steam machine is also used to clean in tight areas. Britework will be polished and sealed. Engine will be sealed with Swissvax Motor Shine.