New Car

New Car Detail

Prices from £350


From the start, give your new car the finish and protection that you both deserve, with a better than showroom finish.

Unfortunately a new car rarely leaves the showroom with adequate protection as well as the perfect paintwork finish. In fact, a brand new car is not always as new as one would think; the vehicle is usually subject to various contaminants in the air during transportation and long storage times. After which, once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, the vehicle is commonly subject to a quick wash with a dirty sponge and chamois which will in turn inflict more damage to the paintwork. This is not the perfect start for your pride and joy.

Here at Design By Detail, we prepare your new car the way it should be. We will spend anywhere from 1-2 days if not more giving your car the finish and protection it deserves.

When a dealership prepares your new car, they will spend 1-2 hours maximum. They will offer you ‘lifetime warranties’ on protection, which in truth only last a matter of months, that’s if they even apply it. It is advised to ask the supplying Dealership not to touch the car prior to collection as they can often cause more damage to the car, as the valet teams are given strict timescales with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased pride and joy.

When purchasing your new car, we can perform our New Car Detail prior to collection for you, or within a short period of time after collection.


Detail & Protection

  • Alloy wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner and agitated with soft brushes
  • Tyres and arches cleaned and agitated with brushes
  • Alloys treated to iron deposit removal and tar removal before being rinsed
  • Alloys blown dry and coated with a dedicated wheel wax and tyres dressed (ceramic coating upgrade available)*
  • Engine bay tidied and sealed with a non silicone protectant
  • Full safe pre wash with snow foam removing surface dirt
  • A 2 bucket hand wash with a PH Neutral shampoo
  • Full bodywork de tar process
  • Followed by a dedicated iron deposit removal
  • Vehicle given a clay bar treatment including front windscreen
  • All glasswork cleaned (ceramic glass coating upgrade available)*
  • Vehicle has another 2 bucket hand wash and rinse
  • Vehicle dried using Klin drying towels and forced air form MetroVac
  • Paintwork measured, inspected and paint depth recordings taken
  • Single stage enhancement machine polish to add gloss
  • Swissvax Utopia Wax applied with a Swissvax Lotus Speed topper applied (ceramic coating upgrade available)*
  • Interior complete hoover
  • All interior trim cleaned and dressed
  • Leather cleaned (leather guard upgrade available)*
  • Floor mats cleaned (fabric guard upgrade available)** Ceramic Coatings upgrades available
  • Ceramic Glass Sealant from £POA+ (all exterior glass sealed, with windscreen having 3 layers and rest of glass single layer)
  • Choice of a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year Ceramic Coatings from £POA
  • Ceramic Wheel Coating from £POA (face only or full alloy)
  • IGL Ecocoat Leather from £POA (complete leather protection of interior) *
  • Fabric Protection £POA (complete fabric protection of interior) **
  • A minimum of a 3 monthly visit is required to keep warranty.
  • Aftercare packages available. Please ask for this when booking.

Terms & Conditions

Vehicle must be a new car and not a used car or prices will alter dramatically.
Deposits for any work booked of the value of £150 or more will require a 20% deposit to confirm booking.
Prices dependant on vehicle size.