Design By Detail Signature

Design By Detail Signature

Price from £POA*

The ultimate detail that is on offer from us.

Time scale Minimum of 4.5 days (vehicle dependant)

Deposits for any work booked of the value of £150 or more will require a 20% deposit to confirm booking.

* Indicates approximate times and prices. Each vehicle may need to be inspected before accurate quote can be provided.

Exterior Detail

  • Wheel arches cleaned using an all purpose cleaner and grime remover then rinsed.
  • A non-acidic wheel cleaner is applied to the wheels. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner then rinsed.
  • An all purpose cleaner is applied to door shuts, bonnet and boot shut. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner then rinsed.
  • A citrus based pre-cleaner is applied to the lower half of the vehicle, allowed to dwell and then have a complete vehicle snowfoam pre-wash applied. All badge work, grills, window trims etc agitated with various brushes.
  • The whole car is rinsed to remove the loose dirt from the bodywork
  • We then wash the vehicle using the two bucket method with grit guards fitted, agitated with a lambswool mitt and then thoroughly rinsed including the door shuts, bonnet and boot shut.
  • An iron deposit remover is then applied to the whole car, leaving to dwell then rinsed. If needed a second application is applied and rinsed.
  • A tar remover is applied to remove tar spots, if applicable, then rinsed.
  • The vehicle is then clayed, including glass work, to remove bonded contaminants
  • The vehicle is then re-washed using the two bucket method with grit guards fitted, agitated with a lambswool mitt and then thoroughly rinsed.
  • Vehicle is then dried using drying towels and a forced air dryer.
  • Then we mask up the vehicle ready for paint correction. We then measure the paint thickness to assess the paint condition
  • 1st stage is designed to remove any heavy damage, scratches and sanding marks the vehicle may have.
  • 2rd stage is a fine compound to remove the finer imperfections and refine (removing 80-90% of defects).
  • 3rd stage will refine even further and to add even more gloss to the paintwork.
  • Vehicle paintwork is then appraised to make sure all in good condition.
  • Glass work polished and then sealed with a Ceramic Glass (three coats to front windscreen, 1 coat to all other glass)
  • All masking is removed and full bodywork wiped down with a panel wipe product.
  • Tyres and plastic trims are dressed and sealed.
  • Paintwork prepped with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid.
  •  Sealed with Swissvax Utopia Wax followed by Swissvax Best of Show (ceramic coatings can be upgraded at an extra cost)
  • Topped with relevant spray sealant

Interior Detail

  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Interior seats removed if necessary.
  • Seats, carpets and roof lining are inspected and deep cleaned using an Upholstery Cleaner and extractor machine.
  • Fabric sealed with a Fabric Guard
  • Leather is cleaned and treated (ceramic coating upgrade available)*
  • Any trim work corrected for defects and sealed with IGL Trim or Swissvax Wood Polish (as applicable)
  • Interior cleaned and dressed as required.
  • All air vents and seat runners steam cleaned.
  • All glass cleaned inside.
  • Boot area hoovered, washed and dried.
  • The spare wheel is removed, cleaned and surrounding areas (if fitted inside the boot area)
  • Tool kit cleaned and polished (if fitted)
  • Door shuts sealed with wax (unless ceramic upgrade purchased)
  • All exterior chrome detailed, polished and sealed including tail pipes.

Wheel Detail

  • Once the vehicle is raised the wheels are removed.
  • An acid free cleaner is then applied to the inside and faces of each wheel.
  • With a range of detailing brushes the acid free cleaner is agitated and then rinsed.
  • The whole wheel is then treated to an iron remover and tar remover product then rinsed.
  • Wheels are then dried and sealed on both sides with a ceramic wheel sealant.
  • Brake Calipers cleaned and steam cleaned before sealing with a ceramic wheel sealant.
  • During this process of curing the wheel arches are inspected and dressed.
  • The alloy wheels (once cured) are then returned to the vehicle and fitted using the correct torque settings according to manufactures specifications.

Engine Bay Detail

  • All removable parts of the engine are removed to allow access to the engine, these are then cleaned separately.
  • Loose debris is removed by hand and vacuumed as required.
  • Any part of the engine that can be done by hand will be done this way to avoid water penetration (depending on the type of vehicle in question the whole engine may require a dry wash)
  • The lower half of the engine is pre-soaked and a degreaser is then applied and carefully agitated to remove the contamination.
  • A degreaser is applied to the rest of the engine, agitated and then rinsed.
  • Once the engine and the surrounding ancillaries are clean, the slam panel and the underside of the bonnet are degreased, dirt is then agitated and rinsed (care is taken not to soak the sound proofing under the bonnet)
  • The engine is given a full inspection to ensure that the engine and engine bay is clean
  • Engine is started and allowed to run for a period of time.
  • We then dry the engine using our forced air dryer and allowed to rest.
  • The removable parts are dressed or polished as required.
  • All plastic trims are dressed and metalwork polished.
  • Engine will be sealed with Swissvax Motor Shine and Aerospace 303